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Youtube Video Downloader HD 5.3

Youtube Video Downloader HD is a tool to save YouTube videos
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Youtube Video Downloader HD

Youtube Video Downloader HD is a program that supposedly downloads, plays and converts videos from YouTube.
The only thing it really does is play .FLV files from your hard disk.

The program has an interface that lets you enter the address of a YouTube video. Then, as the video can be downloaded in different qualities, you will be able to choose the preferred quality selecting the corresponding option.

Then, you are ready to download the video. The program will show the progress bar while "downloading" the video, but it will not download anything. You can perform a search in your hard disk, and you will find no trace of the downloaded video file.

You will not be able to play the videos that are about to be downloaded. But you can load and play videos stored in your computer through the built-in video player.

Another bogus feature of this program is to convert video files to several video formats other than the original .FLV. As you may guess, it does not convert a thing. it will only generate a 0 byte file with the name of the "converted" video file, with no content.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It only plays .flv videos. The rest of the features simply don´t work
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